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      云上嶺南 | 嶺南國潮文化,灣區春晚充滿大灣區風味

      2023-01-11 09:04

      【老廣賀春】The Bay Area Spring Festival Gala all set to mesmerize televiewers


      On January 22, the first day of theChineseNew Year, the New Year Gala of the Greater Bay Area will be broadcast on Guangdong Satellite TV.

      Three generations of excellent artists, including Tengger, Zhong Zhentao(Kenny Bee), Zeng Xiaomin, Zhou Baihao(Pakho Chau Pak-ho), Yan Mingxi(Gigi Yim), and Wu Keyue, will perform at the annual event, making the Gala a much-sought-after even before it was broadcast.

      The gala, which has the highest amount of "Cantonese elements" and the leading degree of "the GreaterBay area" contents, presents a catalog of highlights in creative ideas, artistic innovations, and stage technologies. To be specific, the gala features Guangdong's intangible cultural heritage elements such as Chinese music, lion dance, martial arts, fish and dragon dance, and Kirin dance.

      Young people are much fond of the dance show of Lingnan Chinese Fad culture in creative performance forms presented at the gala. Are you looking forward to it?





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